Thursday, August 02, 2012

Got God?

Driving to work this morning, I passed "Got Dumpsters?" It was a little sign, dark purple, tiny phone number on the bottom, stuck oddly in the median of a very big intersection.

Frankly, I thought it was weird. It would have been easy to miss. It was hard to read. And, really, what are the chances that people passing that spot would need dumpsters? Have you ever needed a dumpster? I didn't even know people "got dumpsters." Go figure.

But as I shook my head at the strangeness of it, I also realized that the sign was someone's act of faith. Someone had believed, for at least long enough to plant the sign, that it would spread a message. And as oddly placed and hard to read as that little sign was, it did spread a message. It did reach me. Here I am, telling you about it, even though I could never in a million years imagine myself needing a dumpster.

So it makes me wonder, what would happen if we filled the streets with "Got God?" signs? Who might see them? How many people might the Holy Spirit guide to them? (I don't think She directed me to the dumpster sign, but I bet she'd pull out the stops to illuminate "Got God.")

Even dark purple and hard to read, our signs could spread the word. People who would "never in a million years" go to church, would at least have the phone number of someone who does...and access to the God we are called to share.

"Got Dumpsters?," indeed! Got God?!

by Joey Rick, Canon for Congregational Vitality with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington